MucoPAP-F kit for assaying PAP in CF newborn screening

MucoPAP-F Kit | Dynabio S.A.

The MucoPAP-F is an evolution of the MucoPAPII kit. All components and performances are identical in both kits, except that in the MucoPAP-F revelation is obtained by time-resolved fluorescence (TRF). After streptavidin-europium conjugate is bound to the biotinylated anti-PAP antibody, a fluorescence enhancement solution is added which triggers release of europium from streptavidin and its capture in highly fluorescent chelates. Fluorescence intensity is proportional to the amount of streptavidin-europium bound to PAP.

The advantages of TRF revelation over colorimetric revelation by enzymatic cleavage of a substrate (TMB) are:

1/ that the relationship between fluorescence intensity and PAP concentration is linear (and not sigmoidal), allowing easy interpolation by linear regression;

2/ that the shelf-life of the MucoPAP-F kit is 12 months, compared to the 6 months of the MucoPAPII kit (due to the self-degradation of the avidin-peroxidase conjugate).

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