Custom manufacturing of ELISA kits

Assaying a target protein in a biological fluid is often required to carry out R&D projects. For instance, developing a new immunotherapeutic approach generally needs that a companion test is available, allowing quantitation of the target protein or the monitoring of an associated marker.

When the protein of interest has already been investigated, a detection test can be commercially available. However, such tests do not exist for proteins never investigated before.

To respond to this need, Dynabio proposes to build-up and optimize ELISA tests allowing the assay of proteins of interest. Sandwich ELISAs have the advantage of being robust and easy to implement in most laboratories.

Building up a sandwich ELISA requires that two monoclonal antibodies corresponding to non-overlaping epitopes and the protein of interest (recombinant) are available.

Monoclonals : Can be provided by the customer or produced through Dynabio. If more than two antibodies are available, they are tested in combinations to select the best couple for binding/revelation. Selection criteria are the signal/background ratio and the amplitude of analyte concentration in the assay.

Protein of interest : Can be provided by the customer or produced through Dynabio.

After optimization of the ELISA, compatibility with the biological fluid of interest (serum, plasma, urine etc..) is controlled and, in that fluid, the minimal dilution required to eliminate the influence of the matrix is established. Limit of Detection (LD) and Limit of Quantification (LQ) values are provided.

As example of custom-made ELISA already completed by Dynabio, an ELISA to human PD-L1 has a LD of 10 ng/L, a LQ at 50 ng/L, the assay range is 50-4000 ng/L. CVs of range points are under 5%.


Please contact Dynabio to describe your needs and obtain a quote. 

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